Top 5 Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Believe it or not, paper business cards have existed for around 400 years. Paper business cards today are very similar to those of centuries past. It’s still a 3.5’’ x 2.0’’ card with your contact information. This speaks to the incredible networking value of business cards for making connections with potential clients, vendors, and other businesspeople.

With the digital age well underway, traditional business cards are long overdue for an upgrade.

Digital business cards offer a simple and efficient new way to share your contact details. When you transition to a digital business card, you gain flexibility, creative freedom, convenient contactless sharing, reduced costs, and reduced environmental impact.

Keep reading to learn more about the limits of paper business cards and the benefits of switching to a digital business card. To get started right away, check out the Synqit app on iOS and Android devices.


The Limits of Paper Business Cards

Paper business cards are classy, there’s no denying that. As you meet new people, presenting a business card shows your professionalism and provides a tangible reminder of you long after the initial meeting. These connections often turn into real leads, as people are more likely to reach out to someone, they have a face and name for, than a complete stranger. For every 2,000 business cards, you hand out, sales increase an average of 2.5%.

Creative Limits

Traditional business cards offer a certain degree of creative flexibility. You can decide the font and style, include your logo, and include social media handles. Yet you are still constrained by the physical limits of a 3.5’’ x 2.0’’ card. Make the card much bigger, to fit more information or visuals, and people may throw it away when it doesn’t fit in their wallet.

Flexibility Limits

If you change your contact details at any point, all paper business cards you’ve handed out previously, are effectively useless. You have to start over with your networking and hope those with your outdated cards will look you up and try to reach out.

Recurring Expenses

A well-designed business card can make a great first impression that has a great return for your professional career or business. But you have to keep a constant stock of business cards on your person. While business cards aren’t very expensive, you can usually get 1000 for $20 to $40, this will be a recurring cost. When you’ve handed out all your cards, you’ll need to print more.

Environmental Perspective

And let’s not forget the environmental impact of paper products. Over 100 billion business cards are produced each year, contributing to deforestation and destroying vital habitats. Paper production is a highly polluting manufacturing process, with massive water requirements. 82% of customers want to work with businesses that prioritize the planet over profits.

Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are the new age take on traditional paper business cards. You may hear these cards referred to as e-cards, for electronic business cards, or v-cards, for virtual business cards. Digital business cards are shared across the internet, usually through an application, but also through text, email, and other means.

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

1. Convenient & Contactless Sharing

Digital business cards can be shared anywhere. You’re not limited to just an in-person connection. Chatting someone up online, share your digital business card. Reaching out to a potential collaborator, share your digital business card. With most digital business card applications, this is super convenient.


Synqit makes sharing your card super easy, with their 4 sharing options.


  1.  Text/Email/Etc. – Navigate to your QR code and select the send icon in the top-right. You can decide to send your digital business card through text, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and much more. You can choose Airdrop for iOS devices or Nearby Share for Android devices.
  2. QR Code – If you want to share your digital card during a face-to-face interaction, you can do so from this same page. Open Synqit and allow your new acquaintance to scan the QR code. They will be directed to your Synqit business card, where they can find your contact information. When they chose “Connect with Me”, they are added as a connection in the app. Now they can find your information anytime and anywhere
  3. NFC Technology – Include an NFC chip as a tag on your phone, keychain, wristband, or card. These can be purchased at Synqit. When paired with the Synqit app, enjoy contactless sharing by bringing the NFC chip close to a new acquaintance’s phone.
 4. Digital Wallet – Or you can add your digital business card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. You can whip out your card at any time to share on the go. 

2. Cost-Effective

Most digital business card applications have some kind of free business card functionality. If you want the freedom to customize your card to perfection, you may need to pay for the full service. Synqit offers its Pro service at a very reasonable price with a 1-month free trial, allowing users to gain access to Insights, Custom QR codes, unlimited links, and unlimited profiles.


With digital business cards, you avoid printing costs. Once you pay for the digital business card, you can share it with as many people as you want. The initial investment pays for itself multiple times over.

3. Creative Freedom

No longer limited by a small piece of paper, you can really design a digital card any way you want. You can include promotional materials, like embedded videos, product reels, and free resources. The options are endless. Adding interactive features will encourage your acquaintances to learn more about you and your brand.

4. Flexibility

If your number, email, or other contact information changes, all you have to do is edit your digital business card. Your digital business card will automatically be updated for anyone that has already connected with you.


You don’t have to say goodbye to those potential contacts. You can rebrand your business whenever you want, without losing those connections. With Synqit you can even maintain two separate accounts, for personal or business endeavors.

5. Eco-friendly

Using a digital business card is far more sustainable than the paper option. 80% of traditional business cards end up in the trash within a week. Stop contributing to pollution and deforestation by printing out thousands of paper business cards. With a digital card, you still gain the networking benefits (plus more!) of a traditional business card while putting the environment first. Your customers and connections will appreciate your efforts.

Getting Started with a Digital Business Card

When you’re ready to make the transition away from outdated paper business cards, check out the Synqit app on iOS and Android devices. It’s super easy to set up and you can start sharing your card with others, within minutes. Continue to network and share yourself with others, without being limited by a paper business card. Enjoy your new digital business card and reap the rewards for your career and business.

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