About us

Our smart products allow you to instantly share your contact info, social media, files, videos and more with just a tap. The best part is that the other person doesn't need an app or a SYNQIT Tag to receive your info.

The SYNQIT App allows you to customize both a personal and a business profile, so you are able to connect with others at any event.

Don't want to share your entire SYNQIT profile? Turn on the “Direct On/Off” button to only share the first link on your profile that can be Instagram, LinkedIn, contact card or any other link directly!

The SYNQIT app enables you to easily access your profile and choose what you share with your SYNQIT Products. You can customize your SYNQIT profile however you'd like by simply playing around with the drag and drop feature.

Your contacts page automatically keeps track of everyone you meet and tap your profile with. Met someone last weekend at a conference? Access their SYNQIT profile whenever you want and never lose another important connection.

Tap it. SYNQ-IT.

How to Setup your Page in Less than 5 Minutes for FREE