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Epoxy Tag

Epoxy Tag

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SYNQIT Flat is the same as a normal SYNQIT NFC Tag, but it has a flat design instead of a bubble one. This means SYNQIT Flat can fit and work under any case(that isn't metal).

Simply tap your SYNQIT Flat to the back of a compatible phone to instantly share:

  • Contact Info
  • Social Media
  • Payment Apps
  • Music Platforms
  • Websites and Portfolios
  • Embedded Videos & Photos


The other person doesn’t need an app or an SYNQIT product to receive your info! 

Build your profile with the SYNQIT App (, and connect it to your SYNQIT once it arrives.
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1. Purchase Product

Design and buy your Synqit card, keychain, wristband or tag.

2. Provide Your Details

You will be directed to a form where you will input basic information that you want to include in your digital profile that will appear when someone taps on your Synqit product or scans your QR code.

3. Tap & Share Your Info With Others

Now you can start sharing your info with others by simply asking them to tap their phone or scan the QR code. Yes, it's that easy.